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Events Impacted by COVID-19

Last Updated: 4/17/2020, 3:34 p.m. PST

Given the university's guidance, UC Merced is implementing the following changes in relation to events, meetings or gatherings, effective until further notice

  • Events or Gatherings (10 people or more): Events should be canceled or postponed unless they can be moved to an online platform. 
  • Meetings or Campus Visits (10 people or more) : Non-essential meetings or visits should be canceled or postponed unless they can be held online. 
  • Campus Tours (10 people or more): Tours including groups of more than 10 people should be canceled. 
  • Athletic Events: For information on Recreation & Athletic events, please see

List of Current Events Affected

3/09/2020: Derby Days (Canceled)
3/11/2020: Pellissier Lecture (Canceled)
3/11/2020: RCO Spring Fling (Canceled)
3/13/2020: Hermanas Unidas (Canceled)
3/13/2020: Rural Justice Summit (Canceled)
3/13/2020: Music Appreciation (Canceled)
3/14/2020: Enchanted Ball (Canceled)
3/14/2020: Ballat Folkloria (Canceled)
3/14/2020: Smash Brothers (Canceled)
3/15/2020: HAS (Canceled)
3/15/2020: Housing Application Info Session (Hosted via Zoom)
3/16/2020 - 3/20/2020: Pi Lambda Phi (Canceled)
3/17/2020: Housing Application Info Session (Hosted via Zoom)
3/18/2020 - 3/19/2020: Maximizing Your Health Benefits workshops (Hosted via Zoom)
3/18/2020: GradSLAM! Qualifying Rounds (Virtual Format)
3/19/2020: Intervarsity (Canceled)
3/19/2020: DIY Sustainable Crafts (Postponed until further notice)
3/19/2020: Think Tank Brunch (Canceled)
3/24/2020: Growing Health Leaders Conference (Canceled)
3/25/2020: Modesto Admissions Reception (Online opportunities available here)
3/28/2020: Sacramento Admissions Reception (Online opportunities available here)
3/28/2020 - 4/2/2020: NASPA comference (Canceled)
3/29/2020: Santa Clara Admissions Reception (Online opportunities available here)
3/30/2020: Merced Arts Boards Reception (Canceled)
3/30/2020: Pride Week Carnival (Canceled)
3/30/2020: Coaching to Improve Performance (Hosted via Zoom)
3/31/2020 - 4/2/2020: Grad Fair (Postponed until further notice)
3/31/2020: Fireside Chat with Nathan (Postponed until further notice)
4/01/2020: UFC Intercampus (Canceled)
4/2/2020 - 4/5/2020: AFLV (Canceled)
4/03/2020: DJ Live Music (Canceled)
4/03/2020: CAB DAY (Canceled)
4/03/2020: New Employee Orientation (Hosted via Zoom)
4/03/2020: IH Graduate Student Conference (Canceled)
4/04/2020: Anaheim Admissions Reception (Online opportunities available here)
4/04/2020: Solar energy Assoc. (Canceled)
4/04/2020: Solar energy Assoc. (Canceled)
4/04/2020: Faculosity Drag Show (Postponed until further notice)
4/05/2020: Los Angeles Admissions Reception (Online opportunities available here)
4/05/2020: Define America (Canceled)
4/06/2020 - 4/10/2020: Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. (Canceled)
4/07/2020: GSAW Luncheon for Grads (TBD)
4/09/2020: Chancellor Speaker Series (Canceled)
4/09/2020: GSAW Ice Cream Social (TBD)
4/11/2020: Define America (Canceled)
4/11/2020: Luau (Canceled)
4/11/2020: DEM (Canceled)

4/11/2020: Generation to Generation (Canceled)
4/12/2020: VSA (Canceled)
4/14/2020: Lunch and Learn with CACQI (Postponed until further notice)
4/14/2020 - 4/15/2020: Police Advisory Board Spring Event (TBD)
4/14/2020: UC Merced Advocacy Day Mixer (Postponed until further notice)
4/15/2020: UC Merced Advocacy Day Meetings (Postponed until further notice)
4/15/2020: Turbin Days (Canceled)
4/16/2020: GradSLAM! Finals (TBD)
4/16/2020: Ma Kelley Dinner (Postponed until further notice)
4/17/2020: Ma Kelley Golf Tournament (Postponed until further notice)
4/18/2020: Bobcat Day (Online opportunities available here)
4/18/2020: Alumni Signing Celebration (Postponed until further notice)
4/18/2020: Outstanding Student Award (TBD)
4/18/2020: Athletics Banquet (TBD)
4/18/2020: High Achieving Student Lunch (TBD)
4/19/2020: Persian New Year (Canceled)
4/19/2020: Dance-Off (Canceled)
4/20/2020: National Parks Institute at Cavallo Point (Canceled)
4/20/2020 - 4/23/2020: UC Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) (Canceled)
4/21/2020: Shakespeare in Yosemite (Canceled)
4/21/2020: Time Management Training (Canceled)
4/21/2020: Inaugural Free Speech Week (Canceled)
4/22/2020: Student Success Internship Symposium (Canceled)
4/24/2020: FIT Seminar (Canceled)
4/24/2020: Kickin it for Cancer (Canceled)
4/25/2020: Spotlight UC Merced (Online opportunities available here)
4/26/2020: Swing Dance Performance (Canceled)
4/30/2020: Chancellor's Dialogue on Diversity and Interdisciplinarity (Postponed until further notice)
4/30/2020: Take Back the Night (Canceled)
5/01/2020: Data Sciences Day (Canceled)
5/01/2020: New Employee Orientation (Hosted via Zoom)
5/01/2020: Margo Souza Leadership Center - Leadership Awards (Canceled)
5/02/2020: Equity Advancing Showcase on Education (Canceled)
5/02/2020: SAT Testing (Canceled)
5/05/2020: Andrew Caroll Visit & performances (Canceled)
5/05/2020: UFC Scholarship Reception (Canceled)
5/07/2020: SNS Annual BBQ (Canceled)
5/07/2020: GAMWS Showcase (Canceled)
5/07/2020 & 5/08/2020: Transfer Days (Online opportunities available here)
5/16/2020 & 5/17/2020: Commencement Ceremonies (Virtual Ceremony - information can be found here)
5/19/2020: Conflict Resolution Training (Canceled)

Ongoing: Campus Group Tours (Until futher notice)
Postponed: Cyberaware (Postponed until Fall 2020)
Postponed Fall 2020: NAE Election Reception (Postponed until Fall 2020)